Gluey - Peel Off Base Coat


▻WARNING!! this product contains latex

Gluey’s gonna be your bestie for ever. It’s not only a peel off base, this little friend it’s also a liquid nail tape!

If you love polishes with tons of glitter but you have no intention of damaging your nails by dipping your fingers in acetone for several minutes; or if you have tons of swatches to do and can’t keep your manis for a long time, try Gluey. An absolute time saver and most importantly, it will help you keep your nails healthier by eliminating the use of acetone in between manis.

Use it over the skin around your nails for different nail art techniques, it will act as a barrier between nail polish and your skin, forget about messy cleaning! Just apply it, wait for it to dry, do your nail art thingy and peel it off!

Peel off tips:
‣Gluey works better over clean and oil free nail beds.
‣Avoid unwanted bumps by applying a single coat.
‣Try to be precise, don’t go over your cuticles.
‣Gluey will dry fast, after that, you can start polishing like you normally do, starting by your base coat and so on.
‣When you’re done with your mani, just peel it off without hassle!

Liquid nail tape tips:
‣Apply it over your cuticles! Yes! Enjoy the satisfying sensation of brushing your cuticles!
‣Wait for it to dry before starting to do nail art.
‣Try marbling, stamping, use vinyls, create gradients, or freehand awesome creations without worrying about cleaning your cuticles.
‣When your nail art is done, simply say bye to Gluey, peel it off and move on.

☞Please remember, if you’re allergic to latex, you can’t play with Gluey.

Gluey is shivery, and will freeze in temperatures below 32°F (0 °C) unfortunately, if this happens and it freezes, you’re not gonna be able to play with it anymore.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.