Blushers - Color Correcting Nail Polish



Color correcting nail polish is a type of nail lacquer designed to address specific color imperfections or discolorations on the nails. Color correcting formulas are created with pigments that help neutralize and balance out unwanted hues.
The Blushers nail polishes come in a range of shades to target different concerns, and they can be used alone or as a coat underneath regular nail polish. They offer a quick and easy solution for achieving a more even, natural-looking nail appearance, perfect for those seeking to camouflage nail imperfections without heavy coverage.
Not only helps minimize the appearance of imperfections, but it also enhances the color and vibrancy of sheer nail polishes.

* Purpose: Counteracts yellowing or stains on the nails.
* Ideal for: Nails that have developed a yellowish tint due to frequent use of dark or pigmented nail polishes.

* Purpose: Brightens and corrects uneven tones in the nail bed.
* Ideal for: Nails with uneven coloration or discoloration, providing a warm and healthy look.

◎Ballet Slipper
* Purpose: Adds a rosy tint to neutralize dull or sallow nails.
* Ideal for: Nails that lack vibrancy or appear dull, creating a fresh and natural finish.

* Purpose: Smoothens the nail surface and provides a clean canvas for any polish color.
* Ideal for: All nail types as a base coat, offering a natural and even foundation for any subsequent polish application.

* Purpose: Provides a clean canvas for nail polish application.
* How it works: Offers a subtle correction for minor imperfections without introducing additional color.