Image of "Polish Mystery Sisterhood" (No coupon codes please)

"Polish Mystery Sisterhood" (No coupon codes please)

$11.50 USD

An exclusive mystery polish every month starting January 2020
You'll have three options, month to month, six months or twelve months.

Month to month: $11.50 plus shipping

Six months: $65 (domestic shipping included) (Available again in June 2020)
Twelve months: $110 (domestic sipping included) (Available again Dec 2020)

The last week of every month I will list the following month. For example, the last week of March you will have the opportunity to get April's mystery if you go month by month.
The polish will be shipped by the 8th of each month.
The listings are live until March 31

😊“Finally a PMS you will eagerly be waiting for”