Sweet Factory Collection

$125.00 USD
Sweet Factory Collection

🍬BLUEBERRY TOFFEE, A deep navy blue with a blue/orange/gold/purple/green shifting shimmer.
🍬FUDGE ROOM , a medium chocolate brown with Aurora shimmer and holographic flakes.
🍬WONDERMINT, a clear base packed with evergreen holo glitter in various sizes, white matte glitter, silver and green reflective glitter.
🍬SCRUMPCIOUS PLUM, a dark purplish wine red with a multidimensional magnetic effect.
🍬TUTTI FRUTTI, an off white crelly base with pink, periwinkle, lavender, watermelon, yellow, gray, aquamarine and blue glitters in various shapes and sizes.
🍬PURE IMAGINATION, a metallic turquoise with a green/blue/purple shifting shimmer and shifting micro flakes.
🍬I’VE GOT A GOLDEN TICKET, a colorless to black thermal with Aurora shimmer, and gold magnetic effect.
🍬SNOZZBERRY FIZZ, a clear base full of gold holo glitter in various sizes, black matte glitter and red, pink and orange reflective glitter.
🍬LICKABLE BERRY, a purplish lilac crelly with a strong purple/blue/pink shimmer, violet/pink/gold UCC flakes.
🍬CHOCOLATE CHARM, a black to red multi chrome with micro holo glitter and white silver magnetic effect.