Fall's Potpourri Collection

$90.00 USD
Fall's Potpourri Collection

🍂Fall's Potpourri

🍃Spice n Nice, the perfect fall, warm & dark cozy yellow.

🍁Branch Out, a chilly dark turquoise to accompany you on those colder days…

🐿️Sienna, a pink reddish brick shade for a pop of color and fun

🧡Pumpkin Soup, as its name entails it’s an orangey pumpkin shade that will match the scenery around you

💜A moment, a dark cold purple that embraces the season’s colors

☕️Moca Java, is a delicate and serene cornflower shade that encapsulates the essence of a tranquil meadow.

🎋Cinnabar and Confort Zone (toppers), cool and warm combination of metallic glitters that pair perfectly with every fall shade.