Summer Bonfire Collection

$73.00 USD
Summer Bonfire Collection

✹Stargazing: A navy blue crelly, micro holo flakes, silver micro shreds, pastel Aurora shimmer and micro chroma flakes.

🍁Maple Magic: A warm brown crelly, multi chrome shimmer, UCC flakes and fairy flakes.

🍂Falling Leaves: An olive green crelly with iridescent chameleon flakes, fairy flakes and chroma flakes.

đŸ”„Bonfire Bliss: a soft warm beige crelly with Aurora shimmer, fairy flakes and UUC flakes.

đŸȘ”Weekend Plans: A dark grey crelly with holo micro flakes, Aurora shimmer and Fairy flakes.

🎒Friends Adventure: a berry purple crelly, chrome flakes, iridescent chameleon flakes