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Spring Crellies 2021

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Spring Crellies 2021

*Spring 2021*
**COTTONTAIL CONFETTI**: a white crelly base with neon green, neon yellow, black, hot orange, neon blue , neon pink and magenta glitters.

**WHERE MY PEEPS AT?**: a dusty mauve purple crelly with peach, neon yellow glitters and holo dust.

**CHEEP CHEEP**: a yellowish green crelly with matte neon blue and matte aquamarine glitters.

**CARROT PATCH:** a peachy orange crelly with neon green, light blue glitters and holo dust.

**ONE CUTE CHICK:** a turquoise crelly with holo. dust and neon pink glitters.

**HATCH ME IF YOU CAN: **(glitter topper) a clear base with black matte glitters in various shapes and sizes.