Daughter of the Sea Collection

$73.00 USD
Daughter of the Sea Collection

🏴‍☠️Oceanic Treasure: A deep shimmery eggplant purple with Mermaid flakes and purple reflective glitter.

🌊Magical Depth: A multi chrome base loaded with multi dimensional magnetic effect, chameleon glitter, and turquoise metallic flakes.

🤍Sea Glass Shimmer : A white crelly with Aurora shimmer and scattered red/purple.pink color shifting flakes.

🧜Azure Dreams: A soft medium blue with red/pink/purple color shifting flakes and light blue reflective glitter.

🧜‍♀️Siren Song: A reddish violet with Aurora shimmer, green reflective glitter, chameleon glitter and shifting slices.

💝Scales of Beauty: A shifting shimmery gold, holographic flakes and UCC flakes.